Important Emails


Archives Committee

Responsible for the collection and care of archival documents and items for the District.

Corrections Committee

Carrying the message behind the walls.

  • Corrections Chair: Laurie O.
  • Literature Representative: None.
  • Bridging the Gap—Corrections Duke H. (same Corrections email)

Grapevine Committee

Relays information about the Grapevine magazine and other information to groups via their GVRs.

Public Information Committee

Provides information about AA to general public and responsible for District website. 

Newsletter Committee

Medium for communication of District business and events to groups, GSRs, and individual members.

Treatment Committee

Help others make the transition from Treatment to Recovery in AA. 

  • Treatment Chair: Kim R.
  • Bridging the Gap—Treatment: Open (same treatment email)

AA Website Addresses and Other Contacts